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Albery GF, Becker DJ, Kenyon F, Nussey DH, Pemberton JM (2019). The fine-scale landscape of immunity and parasitism in a wild ungulate population. Integrative and Comparative Biology, icz016,


Albery GF, Kenyon F, Morris A, Morris S, Nussey DH, Pemberton JM (2018). Seasonality of helminth infection in wild red deer varies between individuals and between parasite taxa. Parasitology 145, 1410–1420.


Hunt EH, O’Shea-Wheller T, Albery GF, Bridger TH, Gumn M, Franks NR (2014). Ants show a leftward turning bias when exploring unknown nest sites. Biology Letters 10, 2-5.


Preprints and submissions

Albery GF, Eskew E, Ross N, Olival KJ: Predicting the global mammalian viral sharing network using phylogeography. Submitted to Nature Ecology and Evolution. Preprint here

Albery GF, Kirkpatrick L, Firth JA, Bansal S: Unifying spatial and social network analysis in disease ecology. Submitted to Journal of Animal Ecology.

Albery GF, Ezenwa VO, Forbes MR, Gamble A, Graham AL, Schoenle LA, Tate AT: A roadmap for linking parasites, immunity, and host fitness in ecological studies. Submitted to Journal of Animal Ecology.

Albery GF, Kenyon F, Keith R, Watt K, Morris A, Morris S, Nussey DH, Pemberton JM: Reproduction has different costs for immunity and parasitism in a wild mammal. In revision for Functional Ecology. Preprint here

Albery GF, Nussey DH, Pemberton JM: Fitness costs of parasites explain multiple life history tradeoffs in a wild mammal. Preprint here

Becker DJ, Albery GF, Kessler MK, Lunn T, McGuire LP, Higgs M, Czirjak GA, Plowright RK: Macroimmunology: the drivers and consequences of spatial patterns in wildlife immune defense. In revision for Journal of Animal Ecology.

Cooke AS, Watt K, Albery GF, Morgan ER, Dungait JAJ: Faecal lactoferrin quantification in ruminants. Submitted to PeerJ.


Publications brewing

Albery GF, Firth J: Spatial structuring describes fine-scale social network positions within a red deer population.

Carlson CJ*, Albery GF*, Eskew E, Ross N, Olival K, Merow C, Trisos C, Zipfel C, Bansal S: Global change will create new viral sharing opportunities in range-shifting mammals.

Albery GF, Nussey DH, Firth J: Combined spatial and social network analysis reveals a senescent and reproductive decline in individual sociality in a wild ungulate.

Sweeny, AR, Albery GF, Venkatesan SV, Fenton, AF, Pedersen, AB: Spatiotemporal context impacts factors driving parasite infection in a natural population.

Westwood ML, O’Donnell AJ, Schneider P,  Albery GF, Reece SE: Explaining the loss of gametocytes caused by temporal mismatch to host circadian rhythms: plasticity in conversion rate or circadian rhythms in inflammation?