Current Research


I currently work in the Bansal lab, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

The lab specialises in animal behaviour and its relationship to social and spatial networks and their links to disease dynamics.

The outstanding question I am answering with Shweta and others is:

Can we untangle spatial and social influences on wildlife disease?

Below on the left is a social network, and on the right is a spatial network for the same individuals.


They look undeniably similar. What implications could this have for disease ecology studies, which often rely on network methods to identify contact events and transmission mechanisms?

I am answering this question with a combination of different systems:

  • Camponotus carpenter ants at the Hughes lab at Penn State University.

  • The Isle of Rum red deer, which I worked on for my PhD (see past research)

    • In conjunction with the excellent Josh Firth from the Oxford great tits.

  • Meta-analyses of spatial and social behaviour, immunity, and disease.

    • Borrowing extensively from the expertise of Dan Becker at Indiana University.

See my past research for more information on adjacent projects involving spatiotemporal analyses, viral sharing macroecology, and life history and fitness variation.

And check out my publications for everything else!