Greg Albery

Disease ecologist



I am a data-driven disease ecologist with a wide range of interests and skills, specialising in spatial and social network analysis of wildlife disease.



Hi! I’m Greg.

I’m a postdoctoral fellow with the Bansal Lab at Georgetown University.

I have a really wide range of interests in disease ecology, most of which centre around individual-level variation in immunity, infection, behaviour, and life history. This includes:

  • Immune and parasite variation in space, time, and social networks

  • Untangling spatial and social behaviour and their role in wildlife disease

  • Exposure and susceptibility processes at multiple scales

  • Life history variation and its interactions with immunity

  • Any combination of the above

Take a look at the research section or my publications to give an idea of my past and ongoing projects, including some in-detail reports of my papers, or check out my CV to see where I’ve been.

If you have any questions, want to discuss a collab, or anything else, get in touch! Email and social media’s just below, in the footer.

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